Secure tools to turn your company into a community

Workplace makes large companies feel smaller, using familiar and secure tools to connect people and get everybody on the same page.

Why Workplace for large companies?


Workplace has the same great features as Facebook, which means fewer costly training sessions and higher levels of adoption.


Transform your communications by connecting with the entire company and giving everybody a voice.


Protecting your company data is our number one priority. We have thousands of engineers and over a dozen data centers dedicated to keeping your information safe.

Tools people know how to use

Get going faster

From sharing posts to sending messages, Workplace combines old habits with new features for large companies, like advanced analytics. So you can start moving fast from day one.

Work from anywhere

Workplace is great on desktop and even better on mobile so people can stay connected to company news or work together wherever they are.

Create community through conversation

Get your message across

When it comes to talking to your employees, posters, intranet and email just don't cut it, especially when people are on mobile. With video, live broadcasts and Groups you can talk to everybody. While Knowledge Library makes your static content accessible and discoverable.

Hear what people have to say

When was the last time you had a conversation with everyone in your company over email? Workplace is all about creating a culture where everybody has a voice, whether it's through quick-fire comments and reactions, or more structured polls and surveys.

Protecting data and respecting privacy

Keeping data separate

Your Workplace identity is different from your Facebook identity. They have separate log ins and data is kept separate. That means we'll never use your Workplace data to target ads on Facebook. And you'll never see an ad in Workplace fullstop.

Workplace meets the highest data safety standards.

Security certifications

Workplace is regularly audited for security and compliance. We exceed industry standards with ISO27018, ISO27001, SOC2 and SOC 3 certifications.

Business is better when large companies feel smaller

Nestlé uses Workplace from Meta
Banco Galicia uses Workplace from Meta
AstraZeneca uses Workplace from Meta
Telefonica uses Workplace from Meta
GlaxoSmithKline uses Workplace from Meta
Estée Lauder uses Workplace from Meta
ASOS uses Workplace from Meta
Petco uses Workplace from Meta
Deliveroo uses Workplace from Meta
Virgin Atlantic uses Workplace from Meta
Spotify uses Workplace from Meta
Domino's uses Workplace from Meta
John Taylor
SVP of Technology & CTO, United Way

"People picked up the tool and started using it. We have not had one training yet, which is great."